Do you wish to improve your team’s productivity?

Do you wish to improve your team’s productivity?

A wellness program is one of the best options to raise the vibe of your team building and elevating their moral. A happy balanced employee can handle stressful situations calmer and effectively, is more creative and uses better judgment. Yoga Meditation and Breath work techniques can improve your team’s wellbeing causing a positive impact in their lives and those that come in contact with them and therefore improving productivity.
Let me know about your team and let’s talk about how can we work together enhance your workplace.

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The location for the event, the length of the class, 30, 45 or 60,min (a sweet combo for a special event is 45 min Yoga and 1.5 or 2 hours chair massage depending on the size of your team), preferred Time and Location for your class/classes and a contact number to further discuss details if needed.

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